Oh 2015, the things i can say about you. Lets start with F. U. C. K. Y. O. U. I tired really hard to not swear with my whole 5 posts, but shit this year has really sucked so far. But, I’ve come to realize, when life hands you rotten lemons, you don’t throw away the bad lemons you find a way to work with them, and figure out how to make a delicious lemonade.

Its February and 2015, has been such an emotional roller coaster already, I’m honestly not sure if I am ready to face the rest of 2015, but i am bringing my lemons and strapping on a helmet, and preparing myself with whats coming next!!

Im not sure if there is a God, or Fate, or maybe God is Fate, i don’t know! All i know is that I’m not in complete control with what comes next, and i don’t know if id want that pressure to know what comes next, all i know is that each day is precious, for myself and everyone around me, i know that i need to stop looking at the negatives and start looking at the positives, and i know that i need to keep myself and loved ones from unnecessary drama,

‘Live each day as if it were your last’

I always look at this quote and think ‘i should really live like this‘ but i look at it now and i know that its flawed, its not a ‘perfect‘ quote, i feel like this quote is giving whomever reads it the power to do whatever they wish, whether that being, rude, ignorant, or a complete ass to someone. But it doesn’t, At which i show you a quote that i know say to myself, i don’t know if i read it somewhere and I’m trying to claim it as my own, I’m not trying to plagiaries (so if the author sees this you get 💯% credit!)

Live life as if it was not only your last, but everyone you love and everyone around yous last day

xo A


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