Slow Drivers

My name is _____ and I have road rage.

Its become a problem. (i think) Heres the thing, I drive alone alot, so theres not really anyone to talk too, normally i blast my music and drive. But driving long distance..alone..8-9 times a week you kinda get crazy.. well not crazy, crazy, but you realize how many f@cking idiots are out there. Slow Drivers in the fast lane, like if I’m doing 120km (in the fast lane), and have to slam my brakes that drops me to 100km, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE MORON like come on, it does not take a genius, didn’t you go to driving school? THESE ARE BASIC DRIVING SCHOOL LESSONS. Then you have the idiots who cut you off, or the idiots when you are already doing 20 over, but thats not good enough for them, so they flash you there high beams or they fly by you giving you the finger.

I seriously question how these people have a license, They are so ignorant, like take your head out of your ass, you are no better than anyone else.

xo A


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