lately ive found myself listening to a lot of oldies music, not like 70s-80s music, but like late 90s and early 00s and even some music from just a few years ago, like all of the Bieber innocent musica,

I find whenever life gets crazy, and just stupid, listening to all the #TBT music just completely relaxes me

Like, have you ever felt that your life was so out of control, that you just didn’t know what you were going to do, but all you wanted to do was scream and yell into a pillow?


it’s literally life changing, ive found myself crying into a pillow most nights lately, and tonight happens to be one of the first nights where im relaxed, an aroma therapy bath and listening to old relaxing music, it’s very therapeutic.


Listening to all the old tunes, brings back the old memories, the good ones. The times where all that mattered was what I would wear to school..

And now,

My life is going to school, working, paying bills, and keeping a healthy lifestyle

and to top it off, 2015 has been a little bitch. I thought the new year was suppose to be better…. not worse, but this topic is for another post, its 3am, and i still have to do my english assignment that i have yet to start, and probably will not do because i am fucking exhausted, and my bed is LITERALLY calling my name…

xo A


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